We are a computational and theoretical neuroscience research group at the University of Maryland College Park, focused on understanding how the neural systems perform the complex computations underlying natural intelligence. We focus on the sensory cortex: studying both the computations underlying hierarchical processing of sensory information, and how this is modulated by top-down influences related to behavioral context and active sensing. We combine cutting-edge approaches in statistical computation and machine learning combined with state-of-the-art experimental neurophysiology recorded in collaboration with local and international collaborators.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS. We are looking graduate students to work on ongoing research projects. Experience in neuroscience and a background in quantitative disciplines is required. Please contact Dan Butts if you are interested.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR UNDERGRADUATE INVOLVEMENT. There are potentially opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research projects in the lab, although requires a sufficient background in computer programming and applications of mathematics coursework up through linear algebra. Please contact Dan Butts if you are interested, and please be sure to send relevant information about your experience in math and CS.

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