Sensory computation and neural coding

The transformation from the concrete representations of raw physical stimuli at the visual and auditory system periphery to the abstract representations that comprise perception occur across several stages of processing. We study the computations performed across several stages of visual and auditory processing, with the goal to understand the larger role of computation in each area in contributing to the elements of perception.

Vision: Retina

  • Current project: Temporal processing within the retinal circuit (collaboration with J. Demb lab, Yale)
  • Current project: Color vision in the cichlid fish retina (collaboration with J. Singer and K. Carleton labs, UMD)
  • Cui Y, Wang YV, Park SSH, Demb JB*, Butts DA* (2016) Divisive suppression explains high-precision firing and contrast adaptation in retinal ganglion cells. eLife 5: e19460. [PDF]
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Vision: LGN

  • Butts DA, Weng C, Jin JZ, Alonso JM, Paninski L (2011) Temporal precision in the visual pathway through the interplay of excitation and stimulus-driven suppression. Journal of Neuroscience 31: 11313-27. [PDF]
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Vision: Primary visual cortex (V1)

  • Current project with B. Cumming lab (NIH): Specialization of foveal V1.
  • McFarland JM, Cumming BG, Butts DA (2016) Variability and correlations in primary visual cortical neurons driven by fixational eye movements. Journal of Neuroscience 36: 6225-41. [Journal website]
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Vision: Dorsal pathway (MT and MST)

  • Cui Y, Liu L, McFarland JM, Pack CC, Butts DA (submitted) Cortical variability arising from spontaneous and decision-related network activity.
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Auditory pathway

  • Current project: Temporal processing in the inferior colliculus (collaboration with N. Lesica lab, UCL) [Poster]
  • Ahn J, Kreeger LJ, Lubejko ST, Butts DA, MacLeod KM (2014) Heterogeneity of intrinsic biophysical properties among cochlear nucleus neurons improves the population coding of temporal information. Journal of Neurophysiology 111: 2320-31.
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Neural coding

  • See above: Butts et al. (Nature, 2007) and Butts et al. (J. Neurophysiol., 2010)
  • Butts DA, Goldman MS (2006) Tuning Curves, Neuronal Variability, and Sensory Coding. PLoS Biology 4: e92. [Full text, Featured writeup]
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