Welcome to the UMD Neurotheory Lab

We are a computational and theoretical neuroscience research group at the University of Maryland College Park studying visual and auditory system function through collaborations with a diverse range of experimentalists.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR UNDERGRADUATE INVOLVEMENT. There are several opportunities for undergradates to be involved in research projects in the lab. However, please note that this is a computational lab, and research involves computer programming and applications of mathematics coursework up through linear algebra. Please contact Dan Butts if you are interested.

SEEKING POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER IN SENSORY CODING. Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position focusing on a collaboration between our lab and that of Bruce Cumming (NIH), studying how neurons at the center-of-gaze (fovea) process visual stimuli, including accounting for the effects of eye movements. There will also be opportunities to get involved in several ongoing projects in the lab, as well as in the Cumming lab at NIH (nearby). We are looking for a researcher with a strong quantitative training as well as previous experience in neuroscience research/training, ideally with broad experience studying problems linked with neurophysiology. The position is available starting immediately, and we are accepting applications as they come. Please email Dan Butts with a CV, a brief description of your relevant education and research experience, and a list of colleagues that willing to submit a letter of recommendation.

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